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How to Choose the Best Fitness Tracker

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Fitness trackers collect raw data that can provide invaluable insight into how your daily activities and sleeping patterns impact your health and fitness. Most trackers connect to a smartphone app for analysis and insights.

Fitness Director of SELF Magazine, Alicia Prince loves this Fitbit because of its accurate step count and comprehensive sleep tracking, smartwatch features like caller ID and text notification as well as its 40 exercise modes and advanced heart rate monitor.


Fitness trackers come in various forms, each tailored to individual needs. A runner may want something that tracks distance and speed while golfers might need one that keeps an eye on their handicap. In contrast, health coaches might require something that integrates with their fitness app to track progress over time.

SELF’s fitness director recommends the Fitbit Sense 2 for its accurate step count, comprehensive sleep tracking features and convenient smartwatch features such as voice-to-text. Garmin’s Fenix 265 also stands out with its extensive exercise features that connect heart rate straps, foot pods and bike turbo trainers; plus continents worth of maps so users can leave their phones at home when hiking or running.

Budget shoppers should look into the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 with its always-on display and 18 days between charges, while Garmin Vivomove Sport can serve as an interesting hybrid watch, boasting workout modes and fitness tracking features within its analog case.


Design of fitness trackers should be given careful thought. Some feature a classic watch-style, while others are slim and lightweight – some even waterproof! Other important considerations should include sleep and activity tracking, heart rate monitoring and smartphone notifications.

Apple Series fitness trackers provide unmatched versatility, featuring built-in GPS navigation and multiple tracking options. Their latest model also encourages wearers with its innovative gamification, rewarding “closed rings” based on calories burned, minutes active and daily standing goals achieved.

The Garmin Fenix 7 packs an impressive array of workout and recovery tracking features into its slim, rugged body. These include stress and hydration monitoring, Body Battery coaching feature for intuitive coaching experience, visual race time predictions and VO2 Max analysis tailored specifically for endurance athletes. Bluetooth headsets and foot pods enable users to track performance without using their phones; runners should consider investing in Coros Apex which provides comprehensive support for running as well as other sports.

Battery life

The Fitbit Inspire 3 is slim and lightweight yet offers many features at an economical price point – retailing for $100 or less. It stands out among budget trackers thanks to its beautiful full-color display and accurate sleep tracking; in addition, the Inspire 3 boasts 96 workout modes and swimproof capabilities; however its lack of built-in GPS may hinder outdoor workouts, however its companion app makes tracking accessible via mobile device.

The Apple Watch SE is an excellent option for iPhone users, especially with its latest software upgrade adding some key features. It provides high-end health and fitness tracking capabilities like heart rate monitor, GPS navigation, blood oxygen sensor, swim tracker, daily Readiness Score as well as heart rate and fitness tracking features.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is another superb budget fitness tracker with its large, vibrant AMOLED display, 24/7 heart rate tracking and sleep monitoring, long battery life and useful smart features such as contactless payments and Google Maps support – making it an excellent pick for daily use.


Cost of fitness trackers varies significantly depending on what features are desired; some offer GPS and heart rate tracking essential for serious athletes while others offer simpler functionality.

Consider the Fitbit Charge 5, as its user-friendly fitness tracking features are combined with sleek form factor in order to provide a convenient fitness tracking solution that provides six months of premium membership out-of-the-box. It has also recently received upgrades that offer improved sleep monitoring system, upgraded heart-rate monitoring and always-on display capabilities.

Coros Pace 2 provides runners with 96 different workout modes and has an impressive 18 day battery life, offering advanced metrics that show training load, VO2 Max and more. Water resistant up to 122 feet makes this choice suitable for swimmers and divers as well. Plus its screen remains clear even in bright sunlight; plus music and podcasts from popular streaming services can also be downloaded directly onto this device!

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