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Beauty Beyond Skin Deep

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Today’s media perpetuates an unrealistic sense of perfection through filter-free images and high standards, but real beauty lies beyond skin deep. Beauty can be found anywhere – from being kind and generous individuals, to graceful lines on sculptures.

Integrating wellness into a skin care routine is an effective way of striking a balance and creating an overall healthier balance in one’s lifestyle.


Kimberly is a friendly and accommodating secretary at Vance Publishing who quickly forms an intimate bond with Tessa. While she maintains a professional appearance, she can quickly become one of your friends once people get to know her better.

She specializes in nutricosmetics, providing clients with solutions to improve the look and feel of their skin with various treatments. She appears as a regular guest on PBS show To The Contrary and writes deep-dive series for Globe Opinion on topics including racism in beauty industries.

Kimberly is Chun-Li’s younger counterpart and shares similar passions and tastes, such as an affinity for art and ’80s pop culture. As her instructor Guy’s Bushinryu style of ninjutsu master, she can perform unique moves such as canceling out sprinting to kick three opponents at once or using graffiti spraying teleportation techniques against opponents. Furthermore, she possesses numerous special attacks to keep opponents guessing such as performing somersaults off her back to throw them off balance or throw somersaulting off-balance somersaults off-balance.

Rose Marie

Rose Marie, affectionately referred to by family and friends as Rosi, enjoyed making people laugh. A dedicated grandmother, she opened up her home over time to numerous children whom she encouraged to love themselves physically and spiritually.

Born Rose Marie Mazetta of Italian and Polish descent in New York City, she became known as Baby Rose Marie while acting in children’s roles (billed under that name). Later she sang on W.C. Fields film as well as in Bugsy Siegel-financed revue. Following five seasons on The Dick Van Dyke Show she became a regular on Hollywood Squares as well as guesting appearances on The Doris Day Show.

Rose Marie also appeared in numerous comedy films such as Top Banana, Memories of Us, Dead Heat on a Merry-go-Round, The Man from Clover Grove and Lunch Wagon. Additionally she toured with 4 Girls 4 musical revue alongside Rosemary Clooney, Helen O’Connell and Margaret Whiting until she passed away at age 94 in December 2017 leaving behind husband Doug; daughters Vena and Heather; grandchildren Konrad and Meribeth as well as great-granddaughter Elle Faith as well as brother Joel plus two foster brothers plus many special friends.


Jessica visits Keri’s office and announces that she would like the North Park lawsuit dismissed, although Keri points out this would show either she is not wanting to fight it or is afraid of its outcome. Jessica then responds that making things go away is her specialty.

Jessica calls Yoli to inquire how the meeting went and is told it went well. Jessica then inquires whether or not she can use the secret mayor’s entrance into City Hall; Yoli agrees and drives Jessica there.

Reverend James Thompson recognizes Jessica from global endorsement campaigns. She informs him of why she dropped Lillian’s lawsuit in order to assist Cory and Angela; then offers to buy them a house in Evanston; although initially reluctant, he agrees as it’s for their children’s wellbeing. Jessica calls Jeff and leaves him a message concerning Nick being hired as her personal driver.

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