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What Makes a Beautiful Face?

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A beautiful face typically boasts symmetrical facial proportions, meaning that if you were to draw a line down the center of your face and measure both sides equally, they would be mirror images of one another. Symmetry has long been associated with genetic fitness and health benefits; therefore it forms an essential aspect of beauty.

Consider these factors when assessing your own beauty: symmetry and proportionality play a part, but individual qualities also matter greatly in defining beauty.


An attractive forehead without creases and wrinkles exudes peace and serenity that many find alluring. Furthermore, it serves to convey emotions such as surprise, concern, or shock; its lines and furrows also play a large part in showing our feelings – such as being unhappy, angry or stressed even when they don’t mean it!

Other features regarded as attractive include slim and proportionate nose and mouth structures; large eyes with well-defined, symmetrical rims are seen as beautiful; high cheekbones also provide the face with more definition.

Finally, an appealing jawline can convey both femininity and strength, making for an attractive feature. Although these are some of the main criteria considered beautiful by society today, each face is individual; beauty depends on individual preferences, individuality and cultural influences. Modern plastic surgery provides numerous solutions to improve facial proportions by minimizing lines, decreasing fat deposits and tightening skin.


People tend to appreciate things of beauty, and having beautiful eyes is especially crucial in making one appear approachable and open. Additionally, bright eyes give off an aura of health and youth; puffy or sagging eyelids may give an aged appearance.

Beauty is determined by balance; eyes, nose and mouth should all complement each other for an attractive profile. A slim and symmetrical nose are signs of beauty; eyebrows that frame the eyes in good shape also add dimension.


Your nose is one of the most striking features on your face, making an impressionful first impression when people meet you for the first time. Achieve an attractive balance among facial features is achieved by having an appealing nose in terms of shape, size, width, nostril distances, nasal bridge height and degree to which it protrudes out from its facial planes. There are various aspects to your nose which affect its attractiveness that can influence its attractiveness: these may include its shape and size as well as width between nostrils distance between nostrils bridge height as protrusion from its facial surface.

Histories show that nose shape has long been considered an important indicator of beauty standards across various cultures. While slim and slender noses may be considered more aesthetically pleasing in some, in others wide and short or button-shaped noses are preferred. No matter the cultural preferences, symmetry and proportionality remain key criteria for beautiful faces; plastic surgery offers relief from many common nose issues like narrow, curved or humped appearances while contour makeup may help make your nose appear thinner and more slender.


Lips are an integral component of facial beauty. Constructed entirely from muscle and mucous membrane, they serve many different functions from eating to speaking to more complex associations with youth, attraction, and sexuality. Lip fillers containing hyaluronic acid can even create more defined Cupid’s bows!

Lip skin is typically thin, consisting of only three to five cells compared to 16 in normal facial skin, allowing blood vessels to become visible, giving lips their signature red or pink color. A strong jawline is associated with strength and vitality; an iconic trait for any beautiful face.

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