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Essential Fitness Accessories

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An essential accessory for runners, yogis, or gym rats looking to stay in top form.

Treat their feet (and speed their recovery faster) with these stylish yet comfortable slides to get through tough training sessions with ease.

No matter if they’re lifting heavy AF lifts or engaging in light Pilates sessions, this insulated water bottle will keep their beverage at the ideal temperature.

Knee and Elbow Compression Sleeves

Knee compression sleeves help promote circulation, promote muscle oxygenation and boost endurance training performance. Furthermore, these accessories help prevent blood pooling thus decreasing delayed onset muscle soreness.

Search for an elbow wrap or sleeve that is durable and made to last, such as one made of neoprene or spandex for optimal comfort and longevity. Make sure it fits snugly; loose or baggy sleeves won’t provide the benefits intended.

GO Sleeves feature built-in kinesiology taping technology designed to support joints, ligaments, and tendons in key areas. Their silicone strips also encourage natural pain reduction while supporting recuperating blood flow to promote recovery and minimize swelling – creating an extremely comfortable lightweight knee support sleeve designed specifically for weightlifters and other athletes.

Good Shoes

Are You an Athlete or Interval Runner? A great pair of running shoes can make a significant difference between simply sitting back on your couch watching Survivor and getting in a 12-3-30 run with friends on the treadmill or interval training with other athletes.

When searching for shoes suitable for weightlifting, plyometrics, or HIIT workouts, look for ones which are lightweight yet sturdy, breathable, and provide adequate support to relieve strain on tight foot, ankle, and calf muscles. The best gym shoes are also designed to help you recover quickly after workouts. For instance, recovery sneakers contain EVA nubs on their midsole that massage your feet as you walk and give you that satisfying post-workout feeling. Sugarcane-derived EVA foam makes these Nike Free sneakers more sustainable. Available in an abundance of colors (although wider feet should size up), these Nike Free sneakers also boast a snug sock-like fit with a barefoot feel – popular features that set these apart.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are long strips of elastic material used to add extra resistance and challenge to almost any exercise routine. Available in an assortment of sizes and shapes, resistance bands typically feature color codes indicating different degrees of difficulty for easy identification.

Resistance bands provide a safer method for building strength than weights by overloading certain muscle groups safely, making resistance training an accessible way of building strength in any location – be it your home, the office, or while travelling. Plus, resistance training doesn’t need any special equipment – meaning you can do it on your own at home, at the office, or from a hotel room while traveling!

Latex or rubber resistance bands come in various lengths to suit various exercises, and you can buy sets that enable you to combine various bands and handles to customize your workout experience. Regularly check for signs of wear such as snags and dents; additionally, preform an easy warm-up exercise such as walking or lunging on the band prior to beginning any rigorous physical activities on it.

Gym Bag

A stylish gym bag is essential to keeping workout essentials such as clothing and footwear ready at all times, along with electronics (phone and music player) for listening while exercising.

To find a gym bag that does it all, look for one with a compartment designed to keep sweaty workout gear separate from clean clothing, plus one featuring padded, structured laptop sleeves and multiple pockets to store accessories.

If you find yourself making time to head to the gym in the morning before work or after the kids wake up, a lightweight backpack may be just what’s necessary to carry everything necessary for your workout and some errands before and after. This thoughtfully designed pack features an unzipped main compartment with ventilated shoe section for your shoes as well as an external key holder pocket and features small, medium, large and extra-large sizes to suit you perfectly.

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