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Israel Figa Discusses The Popularity Rate Of COVID-19 Vaccines In Different Countries

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After a long period of fear and uncertainty, the first successful vaccine to fight against COVID-19 was announced. Ever since then the state of panic that everyone was in started to calm down as people would no longer be defenseless against the virus. While it took up more than half a year for a successful vaccine to be created, just a few months after the first one several different vaccines were declared as effective. The vaccines that are being currently administered in many different countries are made in the USA, Germany, Russia, and China.

Currently, 8 different types of vaccines are being administered in countries all over the world. Dr. Israel Figa talks about which of the current vaccines are the most popular ones.

COVID-19 Vaccines Popularity Rate


Up till February 2021, almost 61 countries were actively pursuing the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine which is ½ of the mRNA vaccine. This vaccine was said to be 95% effective during the phase 3 trials. The United States, EU, and Saudi Arabia are among the list of countries currently administrating this vaccine.


The mNRA vaccine produced by Moderna has a 94% effectiveness rate which was observed during the phase 3 trials. This vaccine is being used in 27+ countries and does not have any major side affected on the vaccinated person. This vaccine delivers a genetic code to your body cells to develop a spike on the SARS 2 virus. This vaccine has been cleared for administration in people over the age of 18 years.


The Oxford/ AstraSeneca vaccine is one of the more practical vaccines as it has a low cost, production as well as selling, and is not hard to store. Unlike other vaccines, the Oxford/ AstraSenecadoes not need to be stored in an unavailable atmosphere which makes it easy to deliver to different countries. However, Israel Figa explains that this vaccine is facing some age restrictions where it is not approved for administration in the elderly.


This vaccine was developed in China and is currently being used in 10 different countries. The Beijing-based vaccine has an easy storage requirement where it can be stored in easily achievable temperatures of 2-8 degrees Celsius. While the effectiveness rate of this vaccine is near 80% in the earlier tests which is less than the above-mentioned ones, it is still a safe and trustworthy vaccine. If your local hospital is administrating doses of this vaccine, don’t sit around and wait for one with a higher effectiveness percentage to come.


Another one of China’s productions, the Sinovac vaccine is also a popular vaccine choice. The vaccine was used as an emergency solution for severe cases and has an effectiveness rate of 67%. The vaccine was proven to be successful during clinical trials in Chile where the trade minister declared that this vaccine was the right choice. Other countries that are actively administering Sinovac as the vaccine include Turkey, Indonesia, and Brazil. 

Sputnik V

The Russian-made vaccine, Sputnik or Gamaleya, is proven to be highly effective with a success rate of 91.6%. It is a highly sought-out vaccine because of the high rate of effectiveness along with its low cost. The ease of transportation, its low cost, as well as its high rate of efficacy is making Sputnik among the most popular vaccines for COVID-19. The vaccine can easily be stored at freezer temperatures so expensive equipment is not required for transporting it to different countries.   

Final Words

What is important to remember is that despite the popularity ratio, all vaccines are effective and safe for administration. They would not have been approved for mass administration if they had any negative results. So, if you have the opportunity to get vaccinated, don’t sit around to wait for the one that is more popular. Dr. Israel Figa states that many people will miss out on their chance of getting vaccinated if they start thinking that they can get the vaccine of their choice.

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